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8 magical benefits of srikaya fruit to prevent cancer - Srikaya fruit thrives in Indonesia. The price is not expensive and can be easily obtained by the fruit sellers.

8 magical benefits of srikaya fruit to prevent cancer

But unfortunately it comes from the 8 benefits of srikaya fruit for health, it is still rare among us who know it.

Even though this srikaya fruit is effective for pregnant women to consume, because it can reduce morning sickness, help digestion, build fetal nerves, and many other repetitions.

Apart from that, this sweet tasting srikaya fruit, which contains the same soursop fruit, is useful for preventing cancer, treating peradagang, and lowering high blood pressure.

1. Helps digestion

Reporting from the data on the composition of Indonesian food, 100 grams of sugar apple contains 28 mg of vitamin C which can help the digestive process of pregnant women.

Srikaya can help digestive problems for pregnant women such as making it easier to defecate, possibly reducing constipation, and other digestive cases.

2. Reduce morning sickness

In addition, vitamin B6 levels which are very good for sugar apple helps pregnant women prevent morning sickness or nausea throughout pregnancy.

3. Build fetal nerves

The high carotene content in srikaya fruit is essential for fetal development.

Regular consumption of sugar apple during pregnancy can be useful for building fetal nerves, brain and immune processes.

In addition, levels of carotene or vitamin A are essential for the freshness of the eyes, skin and hair.

4. Strengthens bones and reduces pain

The calcium content of 127 mg in 100 grams of sugar apple can help strengthen the bones of pregnant women.

During pregnancy, pregnant women often feel pain and pain in more than one part of the body due to changes in body shape that become enlarged.

This can inhibit the reduction of aches and pains to the bones and body throughout pregnancy.

Even srikaya can help in the development of healthy skin, tendons, and blood vessels in the fetus.

5. Helping the breathing process

According to research results at the College of Medicine, University of Lago, Nigeria shows that sugar apple which contains carotene can help regulate the respiratory process throughout pregnancy.

6. Lowering high blood pressure

Pregnant women who are prone to high blood pressure during pregnancy or commonly known as preeclampsia are actually able to prevent it by consuming sugar apple during pregnancy.

The research results from the Federal University of Technology, Nigeria explain that soursop has been used for centuries there to cure hypertension, because the levels of phenol anti-oxidants in srikaya fruit can help prevent high blood pressure.

7. Anti-inflammatory

The results of the study from the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur explained that the ability to cure inflammation of srikaya fruit is actually proven to be effective, and can be used to relieve arthritis.

Apart from its anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory effects, srikaya is also known for its analgesic effect or pain management.

8. Prevent cancer

According to one study, sugar apple is a proven cancer drug for more than one major disease model.

In another study in India that looked at various cell lines, srikaya leaves showed 80% inhibition of cells to inhibit harmful compounds in cancer cells.

8 Magical Benefits of Srikaya Fruit to Prevent cancer

5 Uses of ginger in maintaining health that needs to be known!

Ginger is known as a herbal plant that has many benefits. In the Asian region itself, Ginger is known as one of the most potent ' ingredients ' for alternative medicine and other fitness dealings.

Modern research also helps ' verify ' that this herbal plant actually has many benefits, accounting for health. This is due to the various levels that are in ginger capable of increasing the positive impact for our body.

But the next question is, what are the benefits that you are willing to get for your health?

Detoxification and skin Care
Ginger is a herbal plant that is able to facilitate the diaphoretic system or trigger the discharge of sweat comes from inside the body.

With the discharge of sweat, it is beneficial for the body to perform detoxification system. Because the discharge of sweat comes from the body, able to take care of ourselves from microorganisms that are able to trigger infections of the skin.

Some are derived from the following microorganisms include E coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and a number of fungi that are able to trigger infections of the skin.

The process of sweat caused by diaphoretic system could be useful when you are infected with fever or flu. Because with the discharge of sweat comes from inside the body, able to relieve the disease.

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Overcoming Digestive problems
It has been known to come from generation to generation, Ginger is able to be one of the suitable alternatives to facilitate the digestive system.

This is due to the levels of phenolic in ginger that have the benefit to relieve symptoms of gastrointestinal irritation, stimulate saliva, limit the occurrence of the contraction system in the stomach, and count towards the movement of food and beverage movements while In the digestive tract of the body.

Ginger has a calculated carminative, that is a substance that helps to remove the excess gas that exists in the digestive system of our body.

Relieve pain
From a study, it is stated that together to consume ginger supplements regularly able to reduce up to 25% of the pain that exists in muscles due to sporting activities.

In addition, Ginger has calculated benefits to relieve pain due to pain in menstruation known along the meaning of dysmenorrhea.

Other studies have been noted that 60% of the pain perceived by women when consuming ginger will be reduced.

Stabilising sugar levels
Ginger is known to lower blood sugar levels in the body and numberless help adjust insulin response in diabetics.

A research is shown to get that ginger, to lower the fasting blood sugar and the level of HbA1C in the blood.

By taking Ginger supplements, people who suffer from type 2 diabetes, are able to experience a decrease in blood sugar alongside adequate levels of drastic.

The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger is considered useful to prevent the complications of diabetes, like retinopathy, stroke, and numberless heart disease.

In addition, it is said that controlling blood sugar levels to prevent diabetes with ginger will be more optimal if the ginger water mixed with cinnamon powder.

Reduce weight
A study was shown in 10 men, proving that together drink hot ginger water regularly after breakfast could lead to a longer satiety.

Another study was calculated to prove that together eating ginger, able to trigger a person decreases his appetite.

Ginger is said to be able to control cholesterol levels in the body, and also calculated to increase the metabolic rate that will eventually trigger fat burning become more effective.

That's some of the benefits of ginger for fitness you are willing to get. There are so many and certainly will put a positive impact on all your fitness.

5 Uses of ginger in maintaining health that needs to be known!

How to cope with cracked lips naturally

Experiencing dry lips to rupture is very annoying. In addition to disturbing appearance, lips rupture painful. But, unless you've experienced it immediately implement a way to handle chapped lips so that it quickly heal.

The lips are not the true one of the sensitive limbs. There is no natural moisture so it is easy to dry. This condition is prone to exposure to continuous sunlight or entering the dry season.

However, cracked lips are also able to be caused by a number of certain physical conditions. Malnutrition, irritated, side-effects affected drugs include being able to trigger it.

Although it appears trivial, cracked lips are able to interfere. Especially except until the lip peel peeling. Lips are able to start sore until bloody. In order not to like it, it is necessary to understand how to handle the cracked lips as follows.


How to deal with cracked lips is natural. One of them is using cucumber. In the cucumber contained moisture content and vitamin C which is very beneficial for the freshness of the lips.

To achieve the benefits, cut the cucumber next, apply it to all the members of the lips. When polishing, implement it slowly so that it pervasive. You are able to repeat it several times in a day. Later slowly the lips will disappear on its own.


Honey is made to handle easy broken lips. Take a few drops of pure honey. Then apply to all the members of the lips evenly. While diolesi, massage lips so that the honey content permeant.

Honey is used as a way to handle cracked lips because it has antibacterial and moisturizing features. For that, honey is able to use as a natural lip balm. In addition, protein levels in it is very good to support protecting the freshness of the lips.


One of the causes of cracked lips is most often dehydration. The body lacks fluid so that the lips dry. For that, the way to handle the cracked lips is not able to be removed by consuming a lot of water.

As long as the lips are cracked, try to drink more water from the usual. This needs to protect the body's hydration system. It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.


Tomatoes are able to be used as an alternative to handle cracked lips. Inside the tomatoes contained vitamins A, C, and lycopene. All of them are very good to support the freshness of lips.

Cut the next tomato apply to all the members of the lips evenly. Grease slowly. This activity is able to be done several times in one day. Later is not just a missing cracked lips. The lips include appearing more beautiful thanks to the natural red color substance derived from the tomatoes.

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How to handle the cracked lips not only comes from the outside by lining the lips. Important include to support the body to achieve a number of substances necessary for the restoration of lip conditions. They are able to be found by consuming more fruits and vegetables.

Inside the fruit and vegetable are contained various models of vitamin levels and substances needed for hydration and freshness of the body including the lips. For example, vitamin C is needed in reducing the cracked lips. Vitamins are able to be obtained in fruits such as apples, oranges, and papaya. Meanwhile, vegetables that are recommended for consumption when dry lips are broccoli, cabbage, and cabbage.

That is how a number of ways to deal with cracked lips naturally. Select a few suggested ways, but equip them with avoiding bad normality that hurt the freshness of the lips.

For example, don't very often lick or bite the lips. The lips will be exposed to saliva. In fact, saliva is able to bring the impact of lips more and longer dry. While bitten, the lips prone to wound until the condition of the longer deteriorate.

How to cope with cracked lips naturally

Benefits of Sake for beauty and health

If other alcoholic beverages are able to do the freshness of the body and able to cause the skin to appear older, Sake adds more to the skin and more radiant and supple.

The results derived from fermented rice, sake produce various enzymes. One of them is koji acid. Koji acid has a function to brighten the face, minimize pores and tighten skin.
The alcohol content that comes from sake is very little that is less than one percent. Although it comes from the residual waste fermented rice, but it is very delicious and sweet to be served cold when the summer is so counted otherwise.

One of Japanese food companies, Morinaga, collaborates with the University of Tekni Tokyo in studying the positive effects derived from sake.

Quoted from Rocketnews24, the study followed by 17 female participants aged 40-60 this year invites participants to take the sake twice daily for a month.

Benefits of Sake for beauty and health

These fruits are not recommended for pregnant women

Fulfilling nutritional needs in pregnancy fitting is mainly subject to the age of fetal development. The nutritional acupan derived from fruits is a mistake of the nutrients needed. Where the fruit has a percentage of minerals and vitamins are good for the mother and numberless the fetus itself, but you need to know that not all fruits are good for consumption fitting pregnant. There are some fruits that are forbidden to mother Hami because it has a negative effect for example excessive consumption. Here are the fruits:

Fruit Pineapple has a bromelain content. Bromelain tablets are not recommended for use throughout pregnancy. This content can break down proteins in the body and carry abnormal bleeding effects. But the number of bromelain in a portion of pineapple can not affect your pregnancy.

Actually, to get the same effect, you need to eat between seven and 10 pineapple fresh at once. The following content can bring the impact of the cervix to soft and the opening that can carry the impact of birth is not quite old, in order to bring the impact of miscarriage. Therefore, although the Ngidamnya not Ketulungan, it is better to postpone the following desires until the baby is born. Because the bad effect is greater than its benefits.

Raw or even semi-ripe papaya has a latex content that can activate uterine contractions. Papaya is mostly used to make cured irregular menstrual cycles. Papaya can carry the effect of uterine contractions and induce childbirth, which leads to miscarriage. Gum Papaya has an enzyme called papain that activates prostaglandin hormones and oxytocin which strengthens childbirth contractions before time. In addition the percentage of latex can bring the impact of early induction and premature birth or birth defects in your baby.
Raw papaya is considered unsafe throughout pregnancy because of the percentage of papain and pepsin that can slow your fetus's development and development. Avoid all eating papaya on young pregnant pas because throughout this period, the new placenta begins to form and even the slightest amount of latex can harm your percentage.

Just like the other fruits, jackfruit has a lot of nutritional percentage. This fruit contains a lot of nutritional value needed by everyone. Unfortunately, the percentage of gas inside jackfruit can bring the impact of bloated pregnant mothers and should be able to get pregnant in the stomach.

In addition, jackfruit is considered hot for the exception of excessive consumption is not good for mothers who are pregnant young. So young pregnant mothers are forbidden to consume excessive jackfruit.

As for those of you who have allergies or people with abdominal disorders and numberless blood disorders, fruit jackfruit is not advised even harmful bias eg consumed. This is because the fruits are counted as a high-pressed fruit to be able to labor the freshness of your body.

Other hazards, Jackfruit also said, can increase the percentage of sugar in the blood in diabetics.
The fruit that is dubbed as the Fruit King has a scent that really tempts for his love. But it is pregnant, this fruit is erroneous one fruit that is forbidden for pregnant women. Not without reason, the fruit of the peed outer shell has a percentage of arachidonic acid and also alcohol that can harm pregnancy.

Premature birth can occur for example the pregnant woman consumes excessive durian, because the percentage of arachidonic acid can bring the effect of contraction in the uterus.

In addition, the alcohol percentage of durian fruit can decompose the fetus and carry the impact of fetal disability. This content can bring the impact of heat in the body and inhibit the development of fetal organs. If the vital organ of the fetus is blocked development and development, then the fetus can not have the maximum functioning organ.

There are many other negative effects like diabetes, hypertension and cholestrollers. But tasting it a little to suffice a taste of cravings can – it is possible, the origin consumed in a small amount and reasonable.

The ripe mango
This one fruit actually has a good iron content for the hemoglobin of pregnant women. Unfortunately, there is a decree consuming mango that needs to be known pregnant women in order not to cause health cases.

Although Mangga is safe-safe to be consumed by pregnant mothers, but chemicals that carry the effects of ripe mangoes, calcium carbide, such as excessive consumption of risky in gestational diabetes, diarrhea, and carrying the effects of dehydration.

Pregnant women are forbidden to eat the mango fruit that is mated by wearing similar chemicals karbid. Mangoes that are in karbid, can carry the effects of intoxication and harm the fetus's life.

Pregnant women who suffer from diabetes need to treat the percentage in consuming the mango to treat the percentage of sugar in the blood. It is advisable to eat fresh mango fruit or without sugar juice, because the mango fruit already in it contains calories until it can bring the impact of pregnant women susceptible to diabetes. 

These fruits are not recommended for pregnant women

Consumption of calcium food for health

These are some of the benefits of calcium for the body. However, the body only acquires calcium from the intake consumed. Therefore, eat foods that contain the following high calcium:

Milk. Milk and all dairy products are known as high calcium sources. Consuming it is sure to help fulfill the needs of calcium.
Sardines. Sardines include foods that contain high calcium. Only by eating three ounces, the adequacy of calcium 325 mg has been obtained.
Salmon. In every 3 ounces of cooked salmon there are 180 mg of calcium. Not only that, salmon also contains vitamin D which can increase the absorption of calcium from food.
Broccoli. Broccoli is on the list of foods containing high calcium. Of each 50 gram broccoli contained 30 mg of calcium.
Pok Choy Small. Food containing the next high calcium is a small pok choy. Of each 100 there is a calcium of about 158 mg.
Spinach. Calcium content in the shadows is also high. There are 150 mg of calcium for every 100 grams of spinach.
Know. Tofu apparently includes foods that contain high calcium. Making 100 grams know as a side dish can already give 500 mg of calcium.
Sesame seeds. Calcium content in sesame seeds is high. One tablespoon already contains 160 mg of calcium.
Almond. Almonds can be put on a list of calcium-containing foods. From the consumption of 15 grams of almond, the body can already obtain 35 mg of calcium.
Soy milk. Soy milk can be an alternative for those who can not consume milk. Each 200 ml of soy milk, there are about 19 mg of calcium.

Consumption of calcium food for health

How is the right healthy diet

Health is indeed the most valuable thing. Without a healthy body, activities cannot be undertaken and the quality of life is disrupted. To get it, a healthy diet is one way.

However, not many are aware of healthy eating patterns that fit like what. Many misguided things were obtained by reducing portions of food or challenging certain foods.

In fact, a healthy diet is not like that. According to nutritional experts, the key to healthy diet is indeed the balance of intake. The reason, the body needs a variety of nutritional models and it can only be obtained with the consumption of various kinds of food.

Even so, a healthy diet can be done easily. Do a lot of things below, undoubtedly a beneficial intake for the body will be felt.


Many do not expect that breakfast is a part of a healthy diet so that it is often missed. In fact, breakfast is too absolute for the body. With breakfast, the body can have the power needed to move on to the day.

Keep in mind, after sleep against the night, the body needs food. Nowadays the body is able to eat a lot of food. In fact, the portions are precisely suggested than to have lunch or dinner.

If you want to lose weight, breakfast with foods that are high in protein is too beneficial. Protein will help the body to inhibit hunger longer. This will continue to control your appetite better.


Healthy eating is not able to release consumption of many vegetables. In vegetables, there are various vitamins, minerals, and high fiber content. All that too helps the body to always be healthy.

Nutritionist instead recommend vegetables so the food with the largest portion. In one dish, half a plate needs to be filled with vegetables. Don't even eat vegetables in the menu or lose a lot more than side dishes.

In addition, it is recommended to vary vegetable consumption. Because the content in each model varies. For example one day can eat colorful vegetables, but next day fox consumption of green vegetables.

Eating more often in small portions turns out to help healthy eating. It is advisable to eat regular three times a day but in adequate portions. In addition, it is ready to eat snacks all two times in the morning and evening.

It is beneficial to protect the body's metabolism is always active. In addition, eating more often can control the willingness to be more frequent. Thus, the portion of the incoming food is always awake.

However, for a healthy diet is always maintained, choose the food model and the snack well. Eat vegetables while eating. While look for a high protein snack, but low fat and sugar.


Currently consumption of fruits is not so normality of many parties. In fact, healthy diet, can not be released from fruit consumption in sufficient quantities.

To be aware, fruit has a nutrient content that is absolute for the freshness of the body. It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. In addition, in more than one model of fruit contains fiber content that is necessary for the mirroring or protecting the level of cholesterol in a good level.

When eating the most good fruit is the middle stomach empty. Fruit can be eaten one hour before or after meals. However, it is advisable to eat it in a fresh state. Do not give additional things like sugar or syrup so that the benefits are maximized.

How is the right healthy diet?

How to utilize olive oil for beauty

Many people who wear olive oil are more than one big for health reasons and delicious flavors. But the function of olive oil is apparently more derived from it.

Olive oil also serves many to support beauty. What are the functions of olive oil in protecting skin health? See the following presentation.

Moisturize Dry Skin

Because of the content that serves as a natural moisturiser, this oil is able to moisturize dry skin. Skin like that actually often has a problem. Besides not quite beautiful, itching and irritation are capable of appearing there.

Olive oil carries an olechantal level. That is known to eliminate discomfort in the skin of the face.

To obtain the function of olive oil for dry skin, it is recommended to use it while bathing. Add more than one spoon of olive oil into the warm tub to soak. However, you can also use it to wash your face before you sleep. This will support the moisture of the facial skin awake.

Facial Skin Cleanser

High activity brings the impact of dirty facial skin. In addition, exposure to sunlight, dust, and pollution carries a dull skin impact. You need a natural cleanser so that the beauty of skin is always preserved. Take advantage of olive oil to clean facial skin.

Mix three teaspoons of olive oil with five teaspoons of sea salt. Afterward massage together gently in the side area of the nose and other members of the face are dry.

A mixture of salt and olive oil will later peel off the rest of the dead skin. However, against the same time, the moisture of the facial skin is always awake. The benefits of olive oil will be so once for those with dry and scaly facial skin.

How to utilize olive oil for beauty

Small-little chili pepper, yep this nickname is suitable for both of these fruits. Grapes and curvature, two small, cute round fruit is a taste of sweet and delicious.

In addition to the sweetness, both fruits have a tremendous benefit for the freshness of the body. Let us clay the benefits derived from the grapes and the curvature of this.

5 Benefits of grape fruit and the curvature for health

5 Grape Fruit Benefits:

1. Preventing cancer:
Grape seed extract has a natural ingredient of a type of antioxidant that is useful to slow or avoid the development of cancer cells in the body. Includes mouth, oesophagus, pharynx, lungs, endometrium, colon, pancreas, and prostate.

This content is well-calculated to remove harmful radiation like ultraviolet light A (UVA) and B (UVB) derived from sunburn. Radiation exposure follows the risk of triggering skin cancer.  

2. Fighting Premature Aging:
It contains resveratrol that is able to help Dodge degenerative diseases, able to animate a long gene of age and help longer live cells.

In addition, the antioxidant content in wine is able to be useful for capturing free radicals in the body, where free radicals can damage the body's cells. This cell damage is capable of triggering premature aging.

3. Reduce the risk of diabetes:
A study found that consuming three servings of disturbing, apple and blueberry raisins or pears per week was able to reduce the risk of diabetes tipe2. The antioxidant content of grapes is believed to be consumed by diabetics.

4. Treating constipation:
Supug organic acids, sugars and cellulose, grapes are most effectively in the avoidance of constipation. By strengthening muscles in the stomach and the small intestine. Many fibers are insoluble so that the fibers are forever intact through the gastrointestinal tract. Fibers can encourage the formation and excretion of dirt, in order to trigger more frequent disposing of water.

5. Treating anemia:
Grapes are able to help treat iron and mineral balance in the body. Iron is a mineral that is too much important for many body benefits, for processing red blood cells. Iron deficiency is capable of triggering you so lethargic, your mind is not working quickly and effectively.

5 Benefits of Fruit curvature:

1. Helpful Natural Diet Program:
This cute fat and protein content is relatively low. So that the fruit of this curvature is a solution that is suitable for you who want to reduce fat from the body. This fruit is suitable for available in a low calorie Diet program menu.

2. Increase Stamina:
Although the curvature has a fairly low content of fat and protein, but it turns out this fruit has a lot of complex carbohydrate content. Complex carbohydrates are able to increase energy, stamina and reduce appetite.

3. Benefits for skin Freshness:
High content of vitamins and antioxidants can help the skin to be smooth, beautiful, glowing and healthy. This benefit has been proved by the people of China who have long consumed the fruit of the curvature to preserve the freshness of the skin.

4. Preventing Osteoporosis:
Calcium that is conceived by the curvature of the fruit is able to nourish and strengthen the bones. The study of "maturity" in 2013 recommended adults to consumption of curvature of approximately 3.5 ounces per day. The curvature is able to meet the needs of copper almost 90% derived from the adequacy of nutritional figures per day.

5. Has a lot of Vitamin C:
This rainy season is most likely to be affected by the flu, which is probably the body of Vitamin C deficiency. Has a large amount of Vitamin C that is useful in treating the body comes from the flu, accounting for improving the defence mechanisms in our body In the face of viruses that could potentially bring about disease. 

5 Benefits of grape fruit and the curvature for health

Want to Slim? Check 5 pieces of this choice

The choice of fruit for diet should be known by those who desire to lose weight. Consuming fruit is known to be beneficial to help the body always slim. It can happen because the fruit has a number of beneficial content for the body.

In addition to healthy, the fruit has three essential ingredients for weight loss. Most of the fruit has a high fiber content, but low in calories and low in fat. All three are key weight-raising weight at the ideal level.

Not only that, the fruit also has the content of a number of vitamins and minerals that the body needs. It is still coupled with a high antioxidant content. It further helps nurture the body from the threat of illness.

Not surprisingly, fruit is an option in the diet pattern for those who desire always slim. However, don't origin determine the fruit for the diet. Make sure to determine which fruits have high fiber and pectin content.

The next thing because fiber and pectin can act as a natural fat burner. Both increase the body's metabolism thereby helping with weight loss. What are some choices of fruit to diet for those who desire to lose weight? Here's more than one in between. These fruits are lightly obtained and have a delicious flavor.


Watermelon can be a fruit option to diet for those who desire to lose weight. This fruit is lightly obtained and has a delicious flavor. There are many ways to consume feeling derived from eating it directly or making it a fresh juice.

However, the main watermelon role in helping to lose weight is about its low caloric quantity. In 100 grams of watermelon, 30 grams of calories are available. In addition, watermelon is also rich in amino acids arginine. This compound is known to play a role in fat burning.


Guava can be a choice of fruit for other diets. Guava has a number of content needed to increase metabolism. Inside contains fiber, potassium, and also more than one style of vitamins and antioxidants. Worth a note, good metabolism is the key to weight loss.

Besides being able to maintain metabolism, guava is also known to have low glycemic index. This means that the fruit is safe for diabetics. Don't forget about the delicious taste. You add it as a fruit variant for diet.


Pear is the fruit for a diet suggested for those who desire to lose weight. This fruit has a high fiber content. The amount of 20% is derived from the overall fiber intake required by each day's body. Eating pears is also beneficial in keeping the body feeling full longer.

Not only that, pears are rich in vitamin C. This Vitamin is required in the process of weight loss. It is still coupled with its ability to lower the beneficial cholesterol for health.


Immediately add oranges into the food menu. Oranges are helpful in lowering weight. This fruit is very low in calories. Only 47 grams of calories are available in each 100 grams. In fact, the calories inside the orange are known as negative calories. This means that the quantity of the Calorinya is far below that the body needs to burn. Thus, more is burned than the one saved.
Not strange oranges could be the untrue one fruit for the recommended diet. Don't forget about the high vitamin C content in it. This will help maintain the health of the body.


Dietary variations can be a lot together to give extra strawberries. This fruit has a content that helps to encourage better metabolism. Consuming it will improve the processing of the adiponectin and leptin hormones. It is a hormone that helps fat burning more intensively.

In addition, strawberries have the content of a number of beneficial substances for the body. It contains vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. More derived from it, the fruit is also low in calories and rich in fiber.

That's more than one piece of diet to choose from to lose weight. You can grab them all together easily. Just eat and feel the benefits. 

Want to Slim? Check 5 pieces of this choice

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