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Best-chicken-nest-box-bedding, nesting boxes. according to the frugal chicken, she understands the importance of chicken nesting boxes as that is where the magic happens. if your chickens are not happy with their boxes and nesting material, you will find your eggs in dirty and undesirable places.. This smaller nesting box is a great addition to homes with a relatively small flock of birds. fully self-contained, this box is big enough for most average chicken breeds, private enough to encourage laying, and durable enough to last years of regular use., b edding and litter in the chicken coop, nesting boxes, run and other areas of the enclosure isn't for luxury. it's to help give the chickens a foundation for their legs and to provide for a safe landing for the eggs they're going to lay. deciding which type of litter to use can be a bit confusing..

About bedding and nest boxes there are many different types of nest box bedding that chicken keepers use. there's no right or wrong one, you just have to find the one that suits your birds needs or preference for the type of next boxes you have. nesting material is important, if your hens scratch around…, add to favorites . reading time: 7 minutes by joy e. cressler – finding ways to cut costs on the farm by making or designating items for poultry farming can boost the family budget—or at least not tap it for new items.. as more people turn to raising chickens for eggs or meat, most of them want to save money in keeping with their desire for self-sustaining living..

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